Worldview: What's Your Source of Truth?

Worldview: What's Your Source of Truth?

Everyone has a worldview. They are either living according to man's wisdom, or God's Word. In this series, we expose the reality that much of today's issues in the church and society are linked back to a faulty worldview. Unless we are willing to fully submit to God's Word, in every area of our lives, we are going to miss out on His best for us and our families.

INCLUDES Dating vs Purity video (Q&A NOT included)

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Worldview: What's Your Source of Truth?

7 Videos

  • Worldview: Lesson 5

    In this lesson we explore the importance of Genesis. We see that when Genesis is compromised, harmful multigenerational results follow.

  • Worldview: Lesson 7

    These are five traps that many parents fall prey to. God wants us to repent to these errors, and to raise our children with a biblical worldview.

  • Worldview: Lesson 1

    In this Introduction we explain why a biblical worldview is necessary for Kingdom living.

  • Worldview: Lesson 2

    The Culture of the world is in complete opposition to the culture of God's Kingdom. In this lesson we show how the American church has very much conformed to the culture of this world, and how to make the switch to the culture of God.

  • Worldview: Lesson 4

    In this lesson we reveal the evil philosophies that are destroying the Biblical Family.

  • Worldview: Lesson 3

    In this lesson we cover the Seven Principles of Biblical Family. These principles were held to tightly through all of Judeo-Christian history until very recently.

  • Worldview: Lesson 6